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Para - Badminton will be making its Paralympic debut in Tokyo, Japan 2020

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About Us


The general public is mostly unaware of the existence of Para - Badminton in England and across the world. (Parabadminton is now the official term for Disability Badminton).


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EBAD (England Badminton Players Association for Disabled) was established in 2010 to enlighten the general public and provide disabled people a platform to gain knowledge and engage in this sport.


Our aim is simple: To increase the awareness of Para - Badminton to the wider general public and to get more disabled people into badminton at any standard or level.


Our website was introduced to make it easier for people with disabilities to find information on the latest news, disabled clubs, coaching, tournaments as well as information on where to learn and play badminton.


The site is designed to help the disabled find a route into playing badminton within England, focusing more on disability issues regarding the sport, making it more user-friendly and specific to the needs of disabled people. With more and more clubs and players registering with EBAD we can more easily direct individuals to the place to play, train or get some coaching.


A key feature of this website is that it is the only site produced and supported by disabled players who in turn have the support of BADMINTON England. You will find first-hand news and reports from the players, information and profiles about the individual players. You can even ask them questions if you want.

will and scott_1536x1152With the paralympics decision made about Para - Badminton for Rio 2016, (see News section) England endeavour to make parabadminton a success.

The website is a major step towards making Para - Badminton into a popular everyday sport. We are here to encourage more disabled people to take up the sport.

We are all disabled players setting up an England Badminton Players Association for Disabled.


We need YOU.


About Para - Badminton

An Overview

Para - Badminton has been around for many years and comes in a variety of forms or categories. From wheelchair, learning disabilities, intellectual disability, physical (upper and lower), dwarf and even hearing impaired disabilities and transplant tournaments. Para - Badminton caters for most disabilities, if you can pick up a racket, you can still play badminton. We have learning disability players playing at world level, dwarfs reaching world level, wheelchairs, lower limb disabilities; amputees, single-leg players, disabilities from birth, upper limb disabilities; one arm to disabilities in the hand and arm. There are endless capabilities. Para - Badminton has provided players of different disabilities and backgrounds an opportunity to interact under a common purpose. The majority of knowledge about parabadminton has been through word of mouth and people introducing others to the sport. It is a growing sport with more and more participants taking up the game either socially or competitively or both.



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As with other disability sports, playing badminton with a disability requires both physical and mental strength in the individual. This depends on how far the individual wants to push themself. Join in… badminton is both a positive and achievable way of life. Para - Badminton is a great sport that can develop a person inside and out. Many players have benefited from joining parabadminton and it has given them a sense of well-being and pride. Read the Player Profiles page to see how players can overcome their disability to make a difference to their life. Most disabled players start off by playing in abled-bodied clubs, it is a great way of practising the art of badminton by being influenced by better techniques of playing. It is said that ‘the sky is the limit’. This is how at EBAD we feel disabled individuals can approach the game

‘Para - Badminton can be played at all levels as with abled-bodied badminton - from social level, playing with friends and/or at a club to competitive level. There are a number of tournaments being played worldwide’.


Find out more about Para-Badminton with this BWF link


Clubs and Tournamentsengland team

Many disabled players play at abled-bodied clubs and they enjoy the fun, interaction and challenges. You could play anywhere, however at EBAD we try our best to better cater for your individual needs. See the Clubs page to see clubs that you can play at or tell us about your club.

4nationsparabadminton_logo1In Britain there are regional tournaments for various categories to National level. One of the biggest tournaments in Britain is the 4 Nations Disability Championships. The nations consist of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Game rules are adapted depending on the category. Official medical staff will decide on the category in which you are placed. From the Welsh Leg 2010 the 4 Nations organisers have set up a new Ranking points system for the 4 Nations series and which has been implemented. If you are in any of the categories eligible for the competition, then no matter what your playing standard is, you can enter. All the disabilities listed above can enter most tournaments, apart from the hearing impaired where there is a ‘Hearing impaired’ tournament in which they can enter.

England has an exceptional medal tally through tournaments and is always seeking more success. If you are up for the challenge, join in.

Tournaments are also enjoyable events to participate in as all involved are always very friendly. It has been very easy for people to make friends and have regular contact with each other, It is a great place to have a laugh and be part of the competition, just one of the reasons to enter. Take a look at the photo gallery to see more about the people who play badminton.

England is hosting the 4 Nations tournament from 10th - 12th May 2013 at the newly built Redbridge Sports Centre, Essex. Read the Tournaments page to find out about tournaments for 2013/2014 season and the News section to read more about the English Leg of the 4 Nations and other news. As well as Britain there is also the Disabled European Championships, Open Championships, Internationals and World Championships.

Join in… the sky's the limit…


Click here for BadmintonEngland's introduction to Disability Badminton.



At EBAD we are always striving to meet your needs, so if you have any comments/suggestions or updates to put on the website please do not hesitate to contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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E.B.A.D. encourages and is always happy to receive any news, information or activities to do with Disability Badminton. 

Please email us on  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and tell us about it.                                     "EBAD - Sharing information about Para-Badminton"