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Para - Badminton will be making its Paralympic debut in Tokyo, Japan 2020

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England players shine at Irish 4 Nations

In all categories, standing, wheelchair and short stature, England players came home with at least double gold. Click the photo for the report on the Irish 4 Nations.


Bobby Grffin at the World Championships 2011 Para-Badminton Demonstration

Mixed Masters Tournament - Para-Badminton Demonstration

Sunday 2nd December 2012

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photos courtesy of sport-on-wheels

On Sunday 2nd December, Paula Robinson, Gobi Ranganathan, Martin Rooke and Owen Kilburn took part in a demonstration match at the Mixed Masters International tournament in Nottingham. The tournament is in celebration of the careers of Anthony Clark and Nathan Robertson, where they will be playing a mixed doubles tournament against other retired and current England/GB players.
See Chris Adcock and Imogen Bankier step into the wheelchair too in front of a packed crowd.

Read the article on sport-on-wheels.com
Nottingham had played host to the English 4 Nations Para-Badminton Tournament 2012, read more about the tournament in the News section.

See the EBAD photo gallery for more inspirational and exciting Para-Badminton Demonstration Days including wheelchair, standing and dwarf categories.


Herts Open Wheelchair Tournament - Oct 2012

Watch wheelchair player Fiona Kelly's interview with Middlesex's Sheila Collins on her first experience of a wheelchair tournament held in Herts 2012. Fiona started playing wheelchair badminton just over a year ago in July 2011 with her coach at the Middlesex Dome, No Barrier Badminton Club (NBBC). Fiona says that her life has changed very positively since she took up wheelchair badminton. See the interview plus other great videos in the EBAD video gallery.

Read Fiona's first experience of the tournament:

On Saturday I competed in my very first wheelchair badminton tournament and I was very excited, and rather nervous!!
I train and play at No Barriers badminton club and we are based in The Dome in Hounslow. It’s a fantastic club as its all inclusive so able bodied and disabled play together, and I really like that. The club was started by Sheila Collins and I am very grateful that she started the club and does so much work behind the scenes (and that my coach, Bruno Forbes spends so much time and energy teaching us!) as being able to play badminton means so much to me, its improved my mood and morale loads and has given me targets to aim for so my life has more meaning than it used to. And I am considerably fitter and stronger now and this has improved my quality of life.
I competed in ladies singles and mixed doubles, and had a fun game of ladies doubles at the end. I really enjoyed the ladies singles, the games were very challenging and considering how good the ladies are at their badminton I was very pleased that I was able to win points during the game- I was scared that I’d get none as they are so strong!. In our doubles matches I played with Meva Singh Dhesi and we worked quite well as a team and I enjoyed our games although I didn’t play as well as I wanted us to. But we’d only been playing together for a short time so we’ll play better together in our next tournament as we’ll be more used to each other.
Unfortunately I was having a bit of bad luck as I was having a bad health day and so I was feeling pretty sick, was very dizzy, struggling to focus my eyes etc and my joints were more unstable than usual so I dislocated a lot of them during the games but I fought on and did my best and felt pretty pleased with myself that I was strong enough to keep going and not just give in! I was having too much fun to stop! We also had another problem one of the wheels of our sports chair kept deflating! Luckily a friend came to my aid and let me borrow one of his spare wheels and I was very grateful! That’s one example of how helpful and friendly everyone is at the tournaments, it’s like we’re a big family and there is a fantastic atmosphere during the tournament, it’s so relaxed. It makes attending the tournaments a very enjoyable experience!
Even though I had these challenges to overcome I managed to win medals which shocked me! As it was my 1st tournament I didn’t expect to win anything and was competing just for the experience so I was very surprised when my name was called to collect my medals! Yaaay! I won bronze medals in ladies singles and mixed doubles and they have pride of place on my dvd cabinet.
I thoroughly enjoyed my 1st tournament and intend to compete in many more. And I figure that I have got all my bad luck out of the way now and so my next tournament will be even better! :^D

Fiona Kelly

Fiona Kelly interview at the Middlesex Dome


Wheelchair Ladies Singles - Fiona Kelly v Sharon Barnes-Jones - Herts, Oct 2012

Herts Open Wheelchair Tournament - Oct 2012

report by Devon Racqueteers

All 5 of the Devon Racqueteers won medals at the Hertfordshire open wheelchair tournament.

English National Champion David Follett won Gold in the class 1 singles with 14 year old Connor Dua-Harper beating some of the top players in the Country to take the Silver.

Rowan Crossman won Bronze in the class 2 singles and David Crossman & Hans Macdaniel won Bronze in the Doubles.

Congratulations must go to the organisers for for an extreamly well run competition.

Mike Follett

Para-Badminton Players carry Olympic Torch to the London Olympics 2012

It is a great honour for the sport that Para-Badminton Players have been chosen to take part in the Olympic Torch Relay carrying the Flame on its way to the London Olympic Stadium in Stratford.

Para-Badminton Players involved are:

Wheelchair: Gobi Ranganathan, David Follett and Sharon Barnes-Jones

Standing: Bobby Griffin and Will Smith

LD: Hazel Johnson

Each player has high recognition for their achievements in Para-Badminton and their representation during the relay is highly significant to the sports growth.

EBAD would like to congratulate these players and their contribution to Para-Badminton.

Well Done!!


David Follett carrying the Olympic Torch through Devon


David Follett with Olympic Torch on Club Night at Devon Racqueteers

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