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Para - Badminton will be making its Paralympic debut in Tokyo, Japan 2020

Find out more: Paralympic Inclusion


England stars head for Ireland 4 Nations ahead of the World Championships in November 2011

England Stars head for national and international tournaments both in November 2011. Ireland 4 Nations on 18th -20th November, then the biggest tournament of the year, the World Championships in Guatemala 2011
England stars heading to the World Championships include: Gobi Ranganathan, David Follett, Meva Singh Dhesi, Antony Forster, Bobby Griffin and Krysten Coombs.

Congratulations to Hazel Johnson - England star

Hazel Johnson has been playing badminton for years and has represented England in the Special Olympics in Athens. She has received the 'Disabled Sports Achiever of the Year Award'. EBAD congratulates her for the hard work and determination she puts into the sport.


Welsh Leg 4 Nations 2011medalwinners

There was a great presence of England Parabadminton players in the Welsh leg 4 Nations during the weekend of 9-11th September at the Welsh Institute of Sport. A long weekend of parabadminton saw England come home with an array of medals in all categories; Standing, Wheelchair, Dwarf and Learning Disability.


The Standing category was highly competitive. Highly fought matches took place as Scott Richardson took Daniel Lee to a nail-biting 3-game match. Will Smith reach the final of Standing Class 2.

Bobby Griffin won all his singles matches encountering tough opponents Anthony Forster and Bruno Forbes to win Singles Gold. Daniel Lee and Bruno Forbes overcame strong competition from Scott Richardson and Will Smith in their semi-finals and went on to win Standing Mens Doubles Gold over Bobby Griffin (England) and Steve Moodie (Scotland).

An overview of the Welsh Leg 4 Nations from Wheelchair player Owen Kilburn (Class 2):

I think the biggest surprise in the wheelchairs was where I had struggled to adapt to the conditions of the hall and ended up losing my 2nd group game to Stuart Bowman in 3 sets resulting in me coming runner up in the group.

Despite that I improved and adapted as the tournament went on and won all 3 titles, Singles (wheelchair class 2), Men's Doubles (with Gobi) beating Rowan Crossman and Dave Follett and the Mixed Doubles with Paula defeating Gobi Rangathan and Fiona Christie.
(My 2nd time ever to win all 3 titles since Manchester 2010)
Paula also won all 3 titles; Ladies singles and doubles as well as the mixed. Her 2nd consecutive hat trick of golds.
Ended up being a really successful weekend for mine and Paulas club (The Nottingham Blazers) with a gold medal haul of 6.

List of medal winners and runners up:

Men's Singles Class 3: Winner - Gobi Ranganathan, Runner up - Martin Rooke
Men's Singles Class 2: Winner - Owen Kilburn, Runner up - Phil tew
Mens Doubles Combined: Winners - Gobi Ranganathan + Owen Kilburn, Runners up - Rowan Crossman + Dave Follett
Ladies Singles: Winner - Paula Robinson, Runner up - Nicki Crow
Ladies Doubles: Winners - Paula Robinson + Fiona Christie, Runners up - Hannah Baldwin + Katherine Last
Mixed Doubles: Winners - Paula Robinson + Owen Kilburn, Runners up - Gobi Ranganathan + Fiona Christie

 written by Owen Kilburn


The Dwarf category saw Rachel Choong take all 3 Gold medals in Ladies singles, doubles and mixed doubles with doubles partner Andrew Martin. Andrew just missed out on Mens singles Gold in the Final to Ireland's Niall McVeigh who was in good form. Krysten Coombs (England) and Niall McVeigh (Ireland) took Mens doubles Gold against Jack Gambrill and Shaun Dunsford.


View the BADMINTONEngland review of the Welsh 4 Nations.

Phoenix Disability Sessions

Phoenix Badminton Disability Badminton Sessions: starts 27th September 2011, 8.00pm to 9.00pm, at Girls High School, Aylesbury - £3.00 per session.
Sessions are open to all Disabilities

Played at: Aylesbury High School. Walton Road, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP21 7SX

Contact: Herman Fung, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (07747 598172)
Denny Vettom, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (0771 654 9342)

Parabadminton Demonstration Day at the BWF World Championships 2011 at Wembley Arena

The parabadminton demonstration day was held on the Quarter Finals day (Friday 12th August) at the World Championships 2011 from 10am to 10.45am at Wembley Arena. England Parabadminton standing category players Daniel Bethell, Bobby Griffin, Bruno Forbes and Daniel Lee took to Court 1. The usual pairings were rearranged to give a friendly but still competitive edge to the game. Daniel Lee and Bobby Griffin joined forces against Daniel Bethell and Bruno Forbes. On Court 2, the dwarf category included Ollie Clarke, Andrew Martin, Lee Hill and Krysten Coombs.

E.B.A.D. photographer Kamilla Fronczek was also on courtside to take the action as it unfolded.

'The plan for these demonstration days is to increase the awareness of parabadminton, demonstrations such as these will increase the sport's profile for the public to become more interested in the parabadminton side of the fastest racket sport in the world'.

world championships 2011 bus

E.B.A.D. Promotional Video


Wimbledon Club Feature - Disability Badminton sessions

Disability Badminton sessions are being held by Wimbledon Racquets and Fitness Club by Disability coach Lorraine Brydie.

Find out more...


Special Olympics 2011

England contingent success with Hazel Johnson in the Special Olympics 2011. Read the BadmintonEngland report. 


Wimbledon Demonstration Day Feature - 16th April 2011

Wimbledon is now part of the Inclusive Club Programme.  Badminton England has invited around 12 clubs onto the programme by awarding a bursary.  The programme advocates, in essence, the active promotion and inclusion of disabled players within the club.

 Wimbledon’s disability coach and coordinator organised a disability event to run alongside their Club Championship finals day.  This was to raise awareness among the members and to demonstrate the high quality of skill and athleticism that can be achieved by disability players.  This in turn illustrated how easily disability players can be integrated into an able bodied club.

Daniel Lee and Bruno Forbes both Standing Class 3 and no. 1 British pair  joined up to play doubles against Denny Vettom Wheelchair Class 3 player and one of members.  Later Daniel and Bruno split up for a very entertaining mixed doubles with two of our members.  Andrew Martin and Ollie Clark Dwarfs gave a demonstration on singles and then two of our juniors paired up to take them on in doubles.  The crowd cheered and clapped the whole way through the games.

The message that came across loud and clear was there are no barriers to disabled players playing with able bodied.  The two can easily be integrated with no one having to adapt their game.

Thank you to Dan, Bruno, Denny, Andrew and Ollie for all your support on the day.

Written by Lorraine Brydie - Disability Coach


Devon Open 2011: 18th - 19th June 2011

The Devon Open Wheelchair tournament was hosted by Devon Racqueteers, there were many entries and competitors played to win but with great camaraderie.

Devon Racqueteers hosted the Devon open and just like last year put on a great weekend of badminton from start to finish. With some of the top names in wheelchair badminton on show it was always going to be a great event to watch. In the mens singles final Rowan Crossman ( Devon ) beat Denny Vettom ( Phoenix club ) in a very close contest. Crossman also got the better of Vettom in the mens doubles final when he teamed up with Dave Follett ( Devon ) to beat vettom and his partner Phil Tew ( Phoenix club ) to claim the mens doubles title. In the mixed doubles Katherine Last partnered Rowan Crossman ( Devon ) to win the title when they beat fellow Devon players Hannah Baldwin and David Follett in the final.For Baldwin that was just the start of a great weekend. She reached the final of the ladies singles where she put up a great fight before losing out to one of the top ladies players Sharon Jones-Barnes ( London ).Baldwin made it a hatrick of finals when she teamed up with Katherine Last to win the ladies doubles title with victory over Sharon -Jones-Barnes and Donna Crook ( Devon ). A big thank you to all the players who took part and very big thank you to everyone who worked very hard behind the scenes to make this another great tournament.

The winner(s) of each event were:

Mens Singles winner: Rowan Crossman
Mens Doubles winners: Rowan Crossman / Dave Follett
Mixed Doubles winners: Rowan Crossman / Katherine Last
Ladies Singles winner: Sharon Jones-Barnes
Ladies Doubles winners: Katherine Last / Hannah Baldwin



German International 2011

The German International was host to the 2011 International tournament. Many countries entered from across the world, spanding from the American conintent to Asia. The England Team would have a tough battle facing other world class players.

The England Team return home with an impressive set of medals.

Will Smith won silver in the Mens Standing class 2 singles.
Bobby Griffin claiming silver in the Mens Standing singles in his first international and silver in the Mens Standing class 3a doubles with his doubles partner Steven Moodie Class 3a from Scotland.
Scott Richardson and Will Smith won bronze in the Mens Standing Doubles class 3a, despite Will Smith playing a class higher up.
Bruno Forbes and Daniel Lee with silver in the Mens Standing Doubles class 3.
Antony Forster claiming silver in the Mens doubles class 5 with partner Frank Dietel.
Andrew Martin with his first wins over Niall McVeigh claiming Gold in Dwarf category singles and silver in Mixed doubles. Krysten Coombs with Bronze in Singles.
Sharon Barnes Jones claimed bronze in the wheelchair class 3.

BadmintonEngland News about the German International. Click here.

p1100384 Andrew Martin and Krysten Coombs.


English Leg 4 Nations - May 2011

The English Leg was a big success with England players coming home with a collection of medals. Send EBAD your own stories and photos. More News still to come...

Check out action from Stoke Mandeville - Wheelchair Class 1&2 Final



Check out the English Leg results in the Results section.

bobby singles presentation



4 Nations Parabadminton Newsletter - May 2011

Download the 4 Nations May 2011 Newsletter, keeping you up to date with the latest news. 


Wimbledon Demonstration Day

England Players were invited to Wimbledon Racquets and Fitness Club to participate in a demonstration. This took part during the final day of the Club Championships held at the centre. Lorraine Brydie, disability coach was hosting the proceedings. Players: Ollie Clarke and Andrew Martin (Dwarfs); Bruno Forbes and Daniel Lee (Standing); Denny Vettom (Wheelchair) took part in the demonstration.

standing class at wimbledon racquets and fitness club



Yonex All England 2011 Parabadminton Video

Badminton England has produced a promotional video for the Disability Demonstration Day at the Yonex All England 2011 held on Thursday 10th March.



English Leg - Stoke Mandeville approaching soon

The English Leg at Stoke Mandeville is soon approaching; 13th - 15th May 2011. Please get your entry forms in as the closing date is Friday 15th April 2011. As Stoke Mandeville nears, BADMINTON England has released a news article featuring Denny Vettom, wheelchair badminton player at Phoenix Badminton Club.



Summer Camp 2011 - National Badminton Centre - Lisburn - 1st July 2011 to 3rd July 2011

The Summer Camp for disability badminton is on again. Please find below details and application form to register with the camp. Head Coach Jens Eriksson (Sweden) is holding the camp and it promises to be very worthwhile to participate in. Below is the application form and reminder details for the camp.

Contact details: Eugene McVeigh    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Summer Camp 2011 Application Form.

Things to remember - Lisburn Summer Camp 2011.


Yonex All England Championships 2011 – Disability Badminton Demonstration Day – Thursday 10th March 2011

The Yonex All England Championships held in Birmingham NIA played host to a disability badminton demonstration day for England Players held on Thursday 10th March 2011. The purpose of the day was to showcase the sport to the wider audience. For the past two years the dwarf category displayed their badminton at the All England. This year the All England now held 3 categories; Wheelchair, Standing and Dwarf.

This was the first showcase time at the All England Championships for the Wheelchair and Standing classes.

The day started at 9.15am and each class played on the 3 courts on the 2nd round day of the Championships.
Playing at the All England were: Wheelchairs: Paula Robinson, Gobi Ranganathan, Owen Kilburn and coach Oliver Ward; Standing: Will Smith, Scott Richardson, Bruno Forbes and Daniel Lee; Dwarfs: Krysten Coombes, Jack Gambrill, Rachel Choong and Andrew Martin.

Court 1 – Wheelchairs, Court 2 – Standing, Court 3 – Dwarfs.
Participants played a best of 3 match for 40 minutes and everyone involved all said it was an amazing experience. Wheelchairs also displayed a mini training session.

All players were given backstage passes to experience more of world class badminton. With a push to display disability badminton in England this is one of the major steps bringing the sport to the wider audience.

A speech about Wheelchair badminton in the MembersZone was then made by Gobi Ranganathan, Tom Webster and Lyndon Williams to highlight the sport. England Number 1 singles player Rajiv Ouseph and his dad Joe Ouseph were also present.

EBAD would specially like to thank BADMINTONEngland figures including Derek Batchelor and Chris Miller who both were present at the tournament and are supporting the movement of disability badminton. 

Click thumbnail for photo gallery.



English Leg 4 Nations 2011 Entry Form: 13th - 15th May, Stoke Mandeville

Click here for the new BADMINTON England English Leg 4 Nations Entry Form 2011. Organisers kindly ask players to get their entries in early. Thank you. Please see Tournament Page for more information.


Article: 4 Nations Parabadminton and E.B.A.D.

Written by Lyndon Williams (Vice President PBWF and Chairperson 4 Nations ParaBadminton Working Group). March 2011


Disability Badminton…Things are quite a bit different today compared to when I got involved 7 years ago.  Working at the Welsh Badminton Union in 2002, pressure was on for Governing Bodies to get themselves sorted with regard to supporting disability sport. Not one to miss a trick, and with some gentle persuasion from International Badminton Association for the Disabled (IBAD), Technical Officer, Jim MacKay, I decided that Wales should host the World Championships! With no players, coaches or experience of the sport…one could say it may not have been the smartest move! However, it proved to be a catalyst for development in Wales, and I also believe the bump start that Badminton needed across the 4 Nations to get stuck in to disability Badminton.

Soon, disability appeared on the agenda of 4 Nations Development meetings and then as the discussions grew, it was decided that a separate committee was required…and thus the birth of the 4 Nations Disability Badminton Working Group. Its role is purely a think tank, vital to inspire and share ideas about disability Badminton, which for many was a totally new ‘shuttle’ game! Wales, then decided to host an event just for the 4 Nations…Scotland then followed, then Ireland and then finally, the big boys got involved and England took the plunge. To the present day the 4 Nations ‘ParaBadminton’ Series, boasts 4 regular events. Last season averaging approx. 100 entrants across 5 categories, and so far this season, things are still moving forward.

The 4 Nations ‘ ParaBadminton’ working group, still exists as a discussion group, however the work of developing Disability Badminton is now fully integrated into that of the 4 Governing Bodies... namely, Welsh Badminton, Badminton Scotland, England and Badminton Ireland. The groups meet twice a year to ensure the events are providing the best service for new and existing players and also to spark new ideas for the governing bodies to take away. Just look at the opportunities available today compared to back in 2003….it’s amazing. However, it is never enough and never fast enough for people who want this great sport in the Paralympics…that’s another story! It’s great that so much has been done and so much more is being done.

The EBAD group, which was developed as a result of all the various developments and the need to inspire more and more to get involved, is another positive step forward. The 4 Nations series has a facebook, each of the National Governing Bodies has a section on their website and EBAD with the support and backing of Badminton England are providing an excellent tool for players new and ‘old’ to get involved. I am pleased that we have pro-active players, whose goal matches that of the governing bodies…and that is to get this sport into the Paralympics and to keep improving the numbers and quality of Badminton within the 4 Nations. I would love to name names, but to save them the embarrassment, will just say that everyone involved in the EBAD development should be proud of their positive work. It is important that players appreciate that they are part of the development as well and that they can play a big impact on moving the sport forward. Spread the word, get others involved, be active and together with the governing body, big things can happen. There ends the sermon, sorry, but it is so refreshing to be involved in a part of the sport that truly does have the same agenda and passions. I hope it lasts for a long long time.

Big things have and are also happening on the International stage. IBAD as they were known, is now PBWF…the ParaBadminton World Federation. Para, meaning parallel, a term indicating that we operate alongside the existing world of able-bodied badminton. In May, PBWF will be fully integrated into the BWF, Badminton World Federation. This is a major step forward in the development of the sport and has taken quite some time and energy to finalise. The goal is to get more countries involved, more players and start a whole new development programme across the globe. It’s a big job, an exciting job and in many ways, and much of it has been inspired by the work of the 4 Nations and all those involved. Every journey starts with a step, and perhaps it was our first step that helped everyone else to start walking?
Lyndon Williams
Vice President PBWF and Chairperson 4 Nations ParaBadminton Working Group.



New 4 Nations Parabadminton Logo

This is the new 4 Nations Parabadminton logo, changed to include Parabadminton.



England come home with medals from the Scotland 4 Nations Feb 2011 in Glasgow

England come home with another array of medals in the dwarf, standing, wheelchair and intellectual disability categories. Standards are improving and there are high hopes for all players leading up to England's 4 Nation 2011 tournament on 13th - 15th May 2011 in Stoke Mandeville. Read more about England's progress in Scotland 4 Nations Feb 2011

Post your player comments/views of the Scotland 4 Nations 2011 tournament here. Email EBAD at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Running Master Class

A programme is being held on Sunday 20th March 2011 by Port-er - a prothestics and rehabilitation organisation. It will be held at Bath University. The programme is called the Running Master Class, which will help you run on a prothesis. To register and for more information please contact below: (you can return the registration form by post or by email)

(Running Master Classes Administrator)
Exeter Mobility Centre
Lister Close, Wonford Road
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please click here for Programme Events Flyer and Registration Form.


EBAD on Facebook

Just a reminder that EBADis on Facebook. Many users have joined and are getting involved with discussion and sharing information and views on our facebook page, which is great news. Keep on going, and invite anyone you may feel would be interested.


Entry for German International 2011

Please email Tom Webster, BADMINTON England Disability Manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more information about entry to the tournament.

Please click here for more information about the German International 2011, including hotels and entry costs.

Useful link: Parabadminton World Federation website.


Scottish Leg 4 Nations 2011 entry - Closing date Friday 14th January 2011

The Closing date of Friday 14th January 2011 has passed. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more information. Please see the Tournaments page for more tournament information.


Badminton unsuccessful in bid for Paralympic Rio 2016 inclusion

The decision was made at the IPC's governing body meeting in China that Badminton was one of the sports unsuccessful to be included in the Paralympics Rio 2016. The two sports added in the Paralympic Games 2016 are Canoeing and Triathlon.

Read the BBC Sport - Disability Sport website for more information.

We would like to hear your thoughts and comments, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To read more about the IPC and the votes for the Paralympic Games 2016, visit the IPC website

International Triathlon Union - Paratriathlon website

PaddleAbility website


Paralympic decision set to be announced on Saturday 11th December 2010

The decision on the seven sports entering for the Paralympics for their debut in Rio 2016 is set to be announced Saturday 11th December 2010. Two sports will be chosen, badminton is one of the contenders.

We would like to hear your thoughts on the Paralympic decision and what it means to you. Email EBAD at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to post your thoughts for others to view.

Good Luck for Badminton!



Israel International 2010

England's Gobi Ranganathan returns home with medals in the Mens Singles and Mens Doubles.


Also... Gobi Ranganathan recognition by QPR


England Success in Irish 4 Nations 2010

 The England contingent are continuously showing signs of improvement and brilliance as they came home from the Irish Leg 4 Nations with another impressive display of medals. Find out the results on the Results/Rankingspage. Will Smith was one of the stand out successes winning double gold in Mens Singles and Mens Doubles. Read more about England's success story on the BADMINTON England website. England's success story - Ireland 2010. 


Deaf Sports Personality of the Year Awards 2010

Stars of the GB Deaf badminton squad have been nominated for the award. With hard work and continual determination two GB players have been recognised.

Find out more about the Deaf Sports Personality of the Year Awards 2010.


Good Luck to the England Team in the Irish Leg 4 Nations 2010

EBAD would like to wish all the success to the England contingent ahead of their journey to the Irish Leg of the 4 Nations 2010. Good luck, bring home your own stories to tell and we can post it on EBAD. With your storieswe can build up a scenerio for other players to see how the tournaments run, the enjoyment of participation and the hard work and effort put in by each individual. With photos, we can show people your adventure through badminton. Good luck!!!


English Leg 4 Nations held in Stoke Mandeville: 13th - 15th May 2011

The next English Leg 4 Nations will be in Stoke Mandeville. After two previous successful English legs held in Liverpool and Manchester the England team are striving for more success.

Read more about English Leg Stoke Mandeville


Paralympic decision on Badminton coming soon!

The decision whether Badminton will make it into the Paralympics in Rio 2016 is expected to be released in December 2010. Fingers crossed. Watch this space for news updates.

A total of seven new sports are currently being considered by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) as additions to the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games sports programme.

The sports that have applied to be included are Badminton, Basketball for athletes with Intellectual Disability (ID Basketball), Canoe, Golf, Powerchair Football, Taekwondo and Triathlon. The seven sports had to turn in applications in mid-July 2010, after having previously signed a declaration of intent.

IPC will review and evaluate the applications and provide the IPC Governing Board with the results of this evaluation. The IPC Governing Board will make its final decision on which sports, if any, are to be added in December 2010.

The Rio 2016 Paralympic Games will take place from 7-18 September 2016. The 20 sports that are currently part of the Summer Games programme include Archery, Athletics, Boccia, Cycling (Road and Track), Equestrian, Football 5-a-Side, Football 7-a-Side, Goalball, Judo, Powerlifting, Rowing, Sailing, Shooting, Swimming, Table Tennis, Volleyball (Sitting), Wheelchair Basketball, Wheelchair Fencing, Wheelchair Rugby and Wheelchair Tennis. Rowing saw its inauguration into the Paralympic Programme at the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games."


Disability and the Equality Act 2010

The Disability and Equality Act 2010 is an updated legislation which promotes the civil rights of disabled people

Find out more on the Directgov website - Disability and the Equality Act 2010.


Parabadminton World Federation 

The parabadminton World Federation website is a useful link to visit for more world information on disability badminton. Visit parabadminton world federation website.



BADMINTON England Funding Support 2010/2011

BADMINTON England have sent out a letter for England disability players to apply for funding to tournaments. Read the funding document for requirements to the funding and email back to BADMINTON England by Friday 29th October 2010.

Applications are through email only and you would need to reply to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

The application date has passed, email Leigh Ann Kemble for more information.


BADMINTON England and 4 Nations Disability Group - Disability Badminton Coaching Course

BADMINTON England as part of the 4 Nations Disability Group has produced a Disability Badminton Coaching Course for new coaches to learn and gain skills on coaching disabled people.

Click on the link to read more about the Disability Badminton Coaching Course  


Watch the Disability Badminton Promotional Video online

BADMINTON England has produced a Disability Badminton Promotional Video to help players get an idea or a look into the sport. Donna Kellogg is also featured in the video to help out.

Watch the Disability Badminton Promotional Video


EBAD is on Google

EBAD is at the top of the list on the popular search engine Google. Search EBAD to find us more easily. 


EBAD and Disability Badminton are on Facebook!!!

Make EBADand Disability Badminton your facebook friends and join in the discussion... EBAD allows you discuss more on EBAD issues and chat. Disability Badminton has the 4 Nations group involved so there is a wealth of information wherever you go. Have fun and get involved.


Success at the Special Olympics European Summer Games - Poland, Warsaw

Amongst numerous countries entering the competition, the England team came home with a number of medals proving it was successful trip to Poland.

Read more... 


Wales, Cardiff: 10th - 12th September 2010

England players came home from the Welsh Leg of the 4 Nations series at Sport Wales National Centre with another array of medals. Standards are improving every year and there are high hopes for the England Team striving for more success.


Switzerland, Filzbach: 21st - 24th May 2010

England players came home from the 7th European Championships in Switzerland with a bumper haul of medals. A proud Ollie Clarke returned to England as European Champion as well as England's Antony Forster.


E.B.A.D. encourages and is always happy to receive any news, information or activities to do with Disability Badminton. 

Please email us on  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and tell us about it.                                     "EBAD - Sharing information about Para-Badminton"