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Para - Badminton will be making its Paralympic debut in Tokyo, Japan 2020

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EBAD aims to help players progress in their badminton lifestyle, whether socially or competitively or both. We do our best to lend a hand in your badminton goal(s).

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Disability Badminton Questionnaire

By filling in the disability badminton questionnaire we can get a better picture of disability badminton and its presence. Information gathered may be useful to plan next steps for disability badminton in England. Click here for Disability Badminton Questionnaire.

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Players' Comments

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Club look-out, east Kent area, Cantebury

'I am looking to start a badminton club for paraplegics in the east Kent area.
If you are interested please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ' Alex Bennett - Wheelchair player

Alex Bennett - Cantebury


11/12/11 - "AT LAST!!!!!!!
After playing in all but one of the 4 Nations tournaments since Scotland 2010 i thought i had missed my chance of reaching a final and picking up a 4 Nations medal.I have reached the semi-final in the mens class 3 singles every time and a couple semi-finals in the mens doubles.Just could not get pass the semi-finals.But in November of this year i entered the Irish leg of the 4 Nations in Belfast. The tournament clashed with the World Championship so some of the top names were missing from Ireland.It was still a very close tournament in the wheelchair section. Any of the players could have reached the final. After some great games and some tense moments i finally done it. I had reached the final of a 4 Nations tournament.I was narrowly beaten in the final.I also reached the final in the mens doubles. Again i was beaten in the final. But i am more than happy with my two silver medals. It was a great feeling to have a 4 Nations medal put around my neck. So if there is anybody reading this who is still waiting for that first medal please dont give up it will happen one day."

(Paul Gray - Wheelchair player Devon Racqueteers)

02/04/11 -  "My second experience of Parabadminton was the Scottish Leg of the 4 Nations in 2011. Many more entries than my first event in Dublin three months ago meant a lot more games, a higher standard of play and a greater buzz throughout the whole weekend both on and off the court.

I hear the standard is improving which is always a good sign and I'm very happy to see that there is a good level of healthy competition, in what many of those who have not experienced such a competition believe to be a sedate bit of fun. In fact these tournaments are far from that, with competitors busting-a-gut to succeed and improve and that certainly keeps me motivated!

I look forward to the English Leg in May and the German Open in June!" (Bobby Griffin, Standing Class 3a - Bath)

E.B.A.D. encourages and is always happy to receive any news, information or activities to do with Disability Badminton. 

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