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Player Profiles

 Daniel Bethell - 'Corsham Badminton Club' - Wiltshire20110813 331p

Classification: SL3

Disability: Right-sided cerebral palsy

My name is Daniel Bethell and I have cerebral palsy. I started playing badminton at the age of 12 during school PE sessions and found great enjoyment for the game. I then joined my local club of Corsham and started playing for them at under 14 league level. I have also played in numerous able- bodied tournaments at county level.

I played my first para-badminton tournament at the 4 nations championships in 2010 at Manchester. At Manchester I was classified into the half-court category and as I had only played competitively on a full court the change in tactics and game style was hard to adjust to at first. Although I lost every game I really enjoyed competing and it made me determined to improve my game. Since my first tournament I have been consistently improving in the 4 nations and in the 2012 I achieved my first medal finishing runner-up in the singles in Nottingham and followed this up in Cardiff with another silver medal in the singles and a semi-final appearance in the doubles. I am very proud of these achievements as it shows my hard work in training has made off and it’s made me even more determined to continue winning medals at a national level and hopefully progress to winning medals at an international level.

I am currently training 2 times a week with my coach Steve Hulbert at Corsham and once a week with the Team Bath futures squad. I am currently training for the 2013 4 nations series and for the World Championships in Dortmund.

Through para-badminton I have met many amazing people both on and off the court and I have certainly increased in confidence as a person since joining the para-badminton family and I hope to continue meeting amazing people through para-badminton across the world. On the court I hope to continue improving my badminton achieve my ultimate goal of attending the paralympics.  



 James Binnie - Invicta Pilgrims - Kent

Classification: Standing SU5

I have a lower left arm, left hand, left chest and left shoulder paralysis. This is commonly known as a brachial plexus injury. The cause was a motorbike accident. I had surgery in 1984 to repair one of five major nerves in this brachial plexus area, this now gives me to have a 40% movment of my left bicep, enabling me to bend my arm at the elbow.
Born in Ramsgate, Kent in 1963 I currently live in Herne Bay, Kent with my wife Carolynn and two Sons, Andrew 13 and George 11.         
During the day I am the Sales Director for a Welding Equipment and Consumables Company www.weldmet.co.uk. At the age of 14 I joined Thanet & Westcliffe Junior BC and played regularly up until I had a major motorbike accident in 1985. I suffered a Brachial Plexus injury to my left arm. After a couple of years rehabilitation I went back to Badminton playing for Albatross BC in Ramsgate and have played league ever since. I currently play for Invicta Pilgrims BC, based in Canterbury, in both the mens doubles and composite (4 men, 2 ladies) teams in the North Foreland league.  We are twinned with BECA 2000 BC (www.beca2000.nl) in Arnhem, Holland and I have played over there in a number of friendly tournaments.        
Inspired by the Paralympics last year in London I was persuaded by my wife and fellow team mates to try out Para-Badminton. And here I am, played my first tournament, met some great people and looking forward to my next one.



 Tom Chui (Disability Badminton Coach)

Tom Chui is an abled-bodied disability badminton coach has been around the England Disability Team scene for many years and has been coaching many disabled players. One of which is Meva Singh Dhesi (Standing Class 2), who was one of the first England players to compete in Disability Badminton in England, Meva is still competing.

Tom even has has his own website about his journey through life and badminton. Visit Tom Chui's website to find out more...


 Robert Cross - 'No Barriers Badminton Club' - Middlesexrobert cross_584x876 
I am aged 52 years, i have been living here in the UK for 37 years.  I came to England at the age of 14 years, at age 16 I enlisted into the British Army. I have seen active service in Northern Ireland, Cyprus, Germany, Hong Kong, Philippines, and Brunei during my service years.  In January 1980 I was transferred to the Army's regular reserves, by mid 1980 I was admitted to psychiatric hospital and diagnosed as suffering from schizophrenia.  I have had numerous admissions to the psychiatric hospital. In 1990 I was registered mentally disabled.In 2008 while I was living in a mental health hostel a member of the hostel staff got me in touch with our local Mind (BRENT MIND) who were doing activities.
I soon was involved with healthy minds, I chose to play badminton because it is fun and helps me to keep fit. After about six months of playing badminton with healthy minds my trainer was quite impressed with me and told me there was a badminton coaching skills course that was run by London South Bank University, also that it would be free of cost to me.  Having just left hospital and feeling low in confidence, it was the perfect opportunity for me to get involved in a sport that I love and meet other people in similar circumstances.  That was where I met another disabled player and other friends, through the contact I was told about the No Barriers Badminton Club in Hayes in which I joined, now I play badminton there most fridays.

I was over the moon to pass my Part One Badminton Coaching Skills and am now half way through part two. When I successfully complete Part Two I would like to coach disabled adults like myself.


 David Follett - England (Wheelchair Class 1)davidfollett1

Disability: Tetraplegic

In April 2007 I was hit by a car in which I broke my neck at C6/C7 resulting in a spinal cord injury meaning I am an incomplete tetraplegic. I was transfered to Salisbury spinal unit where I completed my rehab and was discharged to my home in Exeter in November 2007.I first tried wheelchair badminton in June 2008 I had previously tried a few other wheelchair sports but seemed to get on and enjoy badminton more. Although I had not played badminton before my accident I felt I was good at it and kept playing.        
I met Rowan Crossman through it and together we started playing requarly and eventually with our parents and coach Sharon Hawkins started up a club, the Devon Racqueteers which is now the biggest in the country. I have since then been to 4 nation competititions in Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England as well as a German international in may this year and the world championships in Guatemala. I have won doubles medals and came runner up in singles in various 4 nations. I am currently having one to one trainning a week as well as club nights but want to increase this as I feel I am still improving as a player and learning from other players. Badminton is a great sport that everyone can play and it has helped me lots in many different ways by meeting new friends, interacting with people, a hobby, staying fit and active and I love the competition!         
I also coach badminton to children and enjoy it and want to continue this.



 Bruno Forbes - England (SL4)

northwood hills 042

Classification: Mens SL4
Disability: TB, right hip and leg

I have been playing badminton for about 25 years in which I have played at many different clubs around the Middlesex area. My main club is British Airways which I play there several times a week. At British Airways I play in the League in which one season when I was captain of the hybrid team we won our division. I have been a member of British Airways for about 5 years now and I am also on the Badminton committee.

A couple of years ago I was introduce to Disabled badminton, I have played in many disabled badminton tournaments since then and have mainly won or come away with medals of sort.

I won singles and doubles Gold in Ireland 4 Nations 2009. My men’s doubles partner, Daniel Lee and I are England’s number 1 disabled Mens doubles pair. I am also England’s No.1 in mixed doubles. My mixed partner was a very good league player before her injury. We had our first tournament together in Sept 09 the welsh leg of the 4 Nations in which we won.



 Paul Gray - England (WH2)paul gray medals

Classification: Wheelchair Class 3

I started playing wheelchair badminton in October 2009. I played in my first tournament in November of the same year when i teamed up with Rowan Crossman and won the Devon Racqueteers Doubles Tournament. My first 4 Nations tournament was in Febuary 2010 in sunny Scotland.I reached the semi-finals in both singles and mens doubles. My first 4 Nations tournament was in Febuary 2010 in sunny Scotland. I reached the semi-finals in both singles and mens doubles. I have reached the semi-finals in every 4 Nations i have entered. Never quite making it to the final. I thought i had missed my chance of winning a 4 Nations medal.But in November of this year i reached the final of the Mens Singles and Mens Doubles in the 4 Nations in Belfast. I was beaten in both finals but it was a dream come true for me to pick up two Silver medals. I have picked up medals at club/county level along the way but my 4 Nations medals are the one's i really wanted to win.I have also played in the German international and the Paragamesbreda. I hope to carry on playing wheelchair badminton and then maybe get involved in the coaching side of things.What ever i do in the future i know i have made some great friends in the parabadminton world.



 Bobby Griffin - (SL4)20110813 330p
Classification: Mens Standing, Level 3a (Amputee)
Disability: Left below the knee amputation (2008)

I used to play 3-5 times a week when able-bodied, and have played junior county and for county 2nd-3rd teams over recent years. My accident was June 08 and I was unable to walk freely for the period until amputation over 2 years later. I have improved well and quickly on a prosthesis, am walking well only 3 months on a prosthetic leg and even won the Mens Singles in Dublin (much to my mate Scotty Richardson's annoyance!) My fitness and capability on a prosthesis has a long way to go, but by Spring I hope to be competing well. I am a keen player, have been coached at good levels but have some adjustments to make as my back and lats on one side were also injured and inhibit my play and I am not yet 100% confident on the leg.




 Mohammed Hamoed - 'No Barriers Badminton Club' - Middlesexpauls camera 275
Disability: Above Knee left leg amputee
I am married and I have three children, I lost my leg in 1986, from that time I never participated in any sports. One day, I attended the Funday event held for the community in Heston Hounslow. I met a group of players as well as disability coaches from 'No Barriers Badminton Club' (NBBC) on that day and they told me that I can play badminton with many other disabled people. When I came to NBBC at the Middlesex Dome I saw another amputee like myself (Meva Singh Dhesi). I was astonished by how well he could play. His gameplay and ability was very good. I was surprised and decided to learn how to play badminton well. I used to depend on my walking stick alot, however I am learning to be more independant without the need of the stick. With the encouragement and support of those at NBBC I am now walking more confidently on my leg. I would like to thank all the trainers and badminton coaches who give me support and help to other disabled people. 

 Owen Kilburn - England (WH1)20110310 010p

Disability: Spina bifida and scoliosis, also charcots joint in left elbow resulting in a weak elbow joint and unable to fully extend it.

I got involved in Badminton back in January 2006 at the age of 15 after teacher at school shown my a flyer of a new wheelchair club being set up.       

I was actually reluctant to go at first as at the time I had no interest in Badminton whatsoever, but with persuasion from my dad I went to the club one night and instantly loved the sport and enjoyed it a lot.        
The following months I had quite of bit of one to one coaching sessions with my  coach Oliver ward and I progressed rapidly.        
Entered my first 4 Nations in 2007 which was a great yet daunting experience competing against grown men twice my size and age, but this didn't deter me at all.        
Won my first gold medal in Cardiff 2009 in mixed doubles with my mixed partner Paula Robinson, and have since then won a number of titles.        
My most memorable tournament being the 4 Nations English leg in Manchester 2010 where I very surprisingly came away with a gold medal in all 3 events; Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles.        
My goals for the future is to continue to compete in International competitions, having competed in my very first International in Germany recently, and hopefully medal at future International events, and gain myself a good world ranking.

 Daniel Lee – England (SL3)daniel lee yonexallengland
Classification: Mens SL3 (re-classified from SL4 since European Championships, Germany 2012)
Disability: Cerebral Palsy (Left sided hemiplegia) and epilepsy

I played competitively in my university team where I competed for 4 years, playing mens doubles. I became Badminton Captain of the team and Badminton Club President in my second year and continued as Club President in my fourth year. Most of my experience in competitive badminton I gained in university as we played different universities in the BUSA league.

I was introduced to disability badminton in August 2008 through my now current coach Tom Chui. He found me at FSSSA and asked if I wanted to compete in the next 4 Nations Disability tournament 2008/2009 season representing England. Without hesitation I agreed. Tom is a Badminton England qualified Level 2 coach, with qualifications to coach disabled players. He is also involved in the Badminton England Association of Umpires. Tom and I started rigorous training sessions immediately for the 4 Nations. Also looking ahead to Internationals and the World Championships. I played my first 4 Nations tournament in Ireland 2008, playing singles and mens doubles. My partner in mens doubles was Meva Singh ,a Class 2 player. In this tournament a won all my singles matches and claimed Gold in singles. In mens doubles we came runners up in the final, claiming a Silver in doubles. Continuing the season I entered all 4 Nations in 2009, including Scotland, England and Wales. Overall I won all 4 singles golds and 2 golds and a silver in mens doubles.

I met my now current mens doubles partner in the English leg in Liverpool 2009, Bruno Forbes. We won mens doubles gold in Scotland and Wales. With continuous training throughout the year I became 4 Nations British No. 1 in singles Class 3 having won all 4 singles gold medals. Bruno and I are currently England’s No.1 in mens doubles and British No. 1 mens doubles pair in Standing Class 3. The 7th European Championships for the Disabled in Switzerland 2010 was my first International tournament. I was amazed at the variety of disabilities and extremely impressed with the high standards of play on display. I won silver in Mens Singles and silver in Mens doubles with Bruno. I was pleased as it was my first experience and I am inspired to go for greater success. We are seeking to continue our success in the 4 Nations and into international tournaments and the World Championships.

Bruno and I are currently training at the BritishAirways Club and the Middlesex Dome on Fridays. We are still seeking better provisions for training sessions. I am very enthusiastic about my future in representing England and to continue my badminton career. I am currently training for the 4 Nations 2010/2011 season and Internationals. Also setting sights on the World Championships.

The England Disability Badminton Team is actively looking for sponsorship for the upcoming 4 Nations, International and World Championship tournaments. This includes funding for coaching/training sessions (courts, times and venues), transport and accommodation and equipment/apparels for the team. We are also very interested in Food/Drink sponsors to elevate our levels of performance.


  • World Ranking No.8 Mens Standing Singles Class 4
  • World Ranking No.10 Mens Standing Doubles Class 4  
  • Debut year - 4 Gold medals in Mens Singles Standing Class 3 - 4 Nations in 2008-2009 season – British No.1
  • Gold and Silver medals in 4 nations – 2008-2009 season
  • Gold and Silver medals in 4 Nations 2009-2010 season
  • Silver medallist in European Championships Switzerland 2010 in Mens Singles and Mens Doubles Standing Class 3
  • Silver medallist in German International 2011 - Mens Doubles Standing Class 3
  • Gold medallist in Mens Doubles SL3/SL4 combined - English 4 Nations 2012
  • Silver medallist in SL3 Singles -  European Championships Germany 2012
  • Bronze medallist in SL4 Doubles - European Championships Germany 2012
  • Silver Medallist in SL3/4 Mens Doubles - European Championships Spain 2014



 Prakash Muniraju - India - Dwarf

Disability: Dwarf category

Prakash is a dwarf player from India. He competes in different sports including Para-Badminton, one of his goals is to get a medal and he is motivated 'by the sense of achievement from accomplishing something significant and hard earned' 

'EBAD is delighted to receive his Player Registration'

Read Prakash's player profile:


1prakash india1



 Gobi Ranganathan - England (WH2)
gobi medal tiger roar_912x684


I am a disabled sportsman from Stevenage. Despite having Spina-Bifida, enduring 23 corrective surgeries, including a six-month stay in hospital in 2005, I have been able to overcome my disability through determination and hard work. I am primarily a wheelchair user and am very independent. My disability hasn’t stopped me doing anything, including participating in sport. I have successfully competed in swimming from a very young age and in the past won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in Breaststroke and Freestyle events at both Regional and National Level. I have now retired from competitive swimming however I still swim regularly. My attentions have now turned to badminton. Having played badminton socially with friends and family, I am now competing at National and International tournaments.

I am currently the British No. 1 Wheelchair badminton player and also hold the British Men’s Singles title. Since August 2007, I have competed and represented England in the 4 Nations Disabled Badminton Championships that have taken place in numerous places including Glasgow, Belfast, Dublin, Cardiff, Liverpool and Manchester. I’ve won the Men’s Singles Title 8 consecutive times, and also the Men’s and Mixed Doubles event 5 times. The highlight of all the 4 Nations tournaments was winning a hat-trick of badminton titles at the Irish Leg in Dublin, November 2009. Further to the 4 Nations Championships, I’ve won the Men’s Singles Title at the All Inclusive Disabled Badminton Tournament at Imperial College, the Devon Badminton Championships. I’ve successfully won all domestic tournaments since April 2008, without dropping a game.

As well as British tournaments, I also play at International level. In May 2008, I represented England in the European Disabled Badminton Championships in Dortmund, Germany, and took part in the Men’s Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles events. The tournament consisted of 14 Nations and over 100 competitors and was a baptism of fire for me as I was drawn against the 2008 World Number 1, Quincy Michielsen from Holland. Although I didn’t win, it was a valuable experience and as a result of this, increased the intensity of my training and have, and am continuing to improve. My improvement was evident when I competed in the German Open International in May 2009. I won a bronze medal after a Semi-Final defeat to the current World No 1, Amir Levy of Israel, having beaten competitors from Sri Lanka, Spain and the Netherlands along the way. In September 2009, I took part in the World Championships in Seoul, South Korea - my biggest tournament entry to date. I progressed through to the Quarter Finals by winning my group but lost out for a place in the last 4 by succumbing once again to Israeli Amir Levy.

I took part in the 1st French International in Toulouse in April 2010 where I came away with a Bronze Medal after progressing to the Semi Finals. With dedication and hard work, I’m aiming to improve my World Ranking with my sights currently set on the European Championships in Switzerland in May 2010. As well as my on-court success, I also received local sports awards in recognition of my achievements. I’ve twice been awarded the Paul Pearce Disability Award by The Comet Newspaper and won the accolade of Sportsperson of the Year at the Welwyn Hatfield Times Sports Awards. In January 2010, I also won the prestigious Mayor’s Award for Sporting Excellence.

I also take time out to visit schools where I give talks on disabled badminton and being a disabled sportsman, and assist with school events throughout term-time. Through the Herts Schools Sports Partnership, I have given talks, interviews, carried out presentations and coached badminton with students of all ages. I’m also working with Badminton England and various groups to promote Disability Badminton and have also set up the Disabled Badminton Group page on the very popular Facebook.

I have been involved with the Herts Youth Games where I demonstrated Disabled Badminton against International Athletics star, Colin Jackson. After the demonstration, Colin and I presented the medals to the winning badminton teams. As a result of my past and recent successes, I have also been recognised as a Fit for Sport role model by ASBAH (Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus) and will be working on charity events alongside former Manchester City, Leeds and England International, Danny Mills, who is a patron of the charity, aswell as assisting Queens Park Rangers. F.C. and QPR in the Community Trust with community based sports and development work. I am now also a qualified UKCC Level 1 Badminton Coach and have passed the assessment for the UKCC Level 2 Coaching Course. In order for me to achieve my goals and reach the highest levels in disabled badminton, I need major assistance in the form of sponsorship and funding, to cover the training and competing costs. I have primarily been self funding most of my costs however I’ve received valuable assistance from those listed on the following page. In order to continue competing, any assistance would be gratefully accepted, and in return I'm willing to support and promote those who help me.

I can be contacted on 07956 459471 or via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Yours in Sport

Gobi Ranganathan


Thank you to all that have contributed in some way towards my success.

I am grateful to all those listed below for their help and support.

Pinnacle Transportation Limited (now Transport Planning Associates), Stevenage Community Trust, Betfair, Victor Sport UK, Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus, Stevenage Grange Rotary Club, Queens Park Rangers F.C., QPR in the Community Trust, Herts Sports Partnership, Sport Stevenage, Fujitsu, David Lloyd Leisure, Stevenage, Stevenage Leisure Limited, University of Hertfordshire, Herts Sports Village, Gosling Sports Park, The Follett Trust, Civil Service Benevolent Fund.


And of course not to forget my family and friends for their continued support.


Click here to view Gobi's Badminton CV



 Scott Richardson - England (SL4)scott richardson action shot_500x752
Classification: SL4
Disability: Left below the knee amputation (2000)
Previously, Scott played badminton socially, with his main sporting passion being motorcycle road racing.  However, an accident in 2000, whilst competing in the Isle of Man TT races, resulted in an amputation of his left leg, below the knee and three hard years of rehabilitation.  After returning to race at the Isle of Man in 2005, to 'lay the ghosts to rest', he hung up his racing leathers (after 18 years of racing) and turned his attention to badminton.

Initially Scott playing at Birds Badminton Cuub, Luton with prosthetist Raymond Moore who heard that Meva Singh Dhesi was organinsing disabled badminton sessions in North London, so Scott went along.  A month later he was playing in his first diasabled badminton tournament in Cardiff (losing evey match, but got the bug!)  Two months after that he travelled to Bangkok, Thailand to play in The World Champiopnships with Meva!
As a below the knee amputee, Scott reguarly partners fellow amputee Will Smith (above the knee amputee) in all the domestic competitions, where they are regular medal winners.
Scott also works for PACE Rehabilitation (www.pacerehab.com), providing rehabiliation services to amputees and individals with serious limb injuries, so actively attempts to recruit new players to the sport. 
Scott regards his greatest achievements as winning gold medals in 4-Nations men's singles (England) and doubles (Ireland) in 2008, as well as partnering Bruno Forbes to silver medal in the German Open in Dortmund in 2009.  He hopes that the recent opportunity to reguarly practice with Will Smith will result in them achieving even greater success in the 4-Nation's competitions.
  Paula Robinson - Englandgold_medals - paula robinson (WH1)
Classification: WH1
Disability: M.E. (Query M.S.) , Fibromyalgia, Chronic Arthritis, Degenerating Spinal Vertebrae, Chronic Left Foot pain.
I am a disabled sportsperson from Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire.
I was born with a cleft palate, deaf and dislocating knee caps.  Having 20 operations sort of gives you a different outlook on life.  When you’re well you get on with life, when you’re ill you make the most of life.  My outlook on life is:  If you want to do something go out and give it a go!  My motto is: If you want a job doing properly you have to do it yourself! (but that’s when I’m at work!  lol).  I work at West Nottinghamshire College as an IT Trainer/BCS Centre Manager and an Evening Sessional Tutor teaching Creative Card Making.
I’d been playing able bodied badminton since I was 7 years old, but when an operation on my left foot went terribly wrong, 4 years ago, I started playing wheelchair badminton.  I am a founder member of the Notts Blazers Wheelchair Badminton Club, training every Friday at Ellis Guilford Sports Centre, Old Basford, with our Volunteer Coach Oliver Ward.  I also train at the Oak Tree Leisure Centre, Mansfield on a Thursday, with a good friend and my son Liam, who’s a keen badminton player.  Liam’s my carer when we go to tournaments.
I play in the England Squad – have played Internationally, Dortmund Germany – this was a huge learning curve.  I realised I needed a lot more experience.  The 4 Nations Parabadminton have been the Championships where I have grown immensely.  Going to all the 4 Legs, this is my 4th season now.  Recently at the England Leg of the 4 Nations Parabadminton Championships, held at the Stoke Mandeville Stadium, I won all three of my events:  GOLD Ladies Singles, GOLD Ladies Doubles, GOLD Mixed Doubles (partner Owen Kilburn, England Squad, Notts Blazers WBC)!
Also, I competed in the Welsh Leg of the 4 Nations Parabadminton Championships weekend of 09/09/11.  TRIPLE GOLD AGAIN!!! GOLD Ladies Singles, GOLD Ladies Doubles, GOLD Mixed Doubles (partner Owen Kilburn).
I didn’t think I could win triple gold again.  There were some new ladies that I hadn’t see play before, which is difficult to formulate a ‘plan of attack’.  When you play someone you get to know what their abilities are and you use tactics to win points.  Tough games, but I thoroughly enjoy it.  Going to compete is one aspect of playing badminton, but another is to meet up with your extended family, them being other badminton players who have the same passion for badminton as you have.
All competitors have to pay for their own entry into the Tournament, hotel accommodation and travel expenses.   A handful is lucky to receive either funding or regular sponsorship, to compete in more than just the 4 Nations - There are many more Tournaments: Europeans (held in Germany or Switzerland), Worlds (Guatamala), French Open, Devon, Bristol & Hertfordshire.  I am not one of the fortunate who receives any form of regular support.  I am itching to compete in more Tournaments, for me to become a more rounded top player.  If only I had a chance to do so.
I’d love to have a World Ranking.  At the moment, I have a Nationals Ranking – Ladies Singles No.1, Mixed Doubles No.1, Ladies Doubles No.1.
I am asked on many occasions to present awards at various Badminton Club’s presentations.  Even weird and wonderful events, such as opening a new ramp at an Engineering Museum and cutting a cake with my mixed doubles partner Owen Kilburn, at the Launch of the Notts Disability Direct (no, we’re not married! lol).
I’m frequently asked to go to schools to give talks about being in a wheelchair, working and playing wheelchair badminton.  I love helping people. 
My most treasured occasions were these: 
 There have been quite a few nominations and short listings for Sportsperson of the Year, but alas always pipped at the post by Paralympians. 
 I was invited by the China’s ex-Coach, to demonstrate the sport of Wheelchair Badminton at the Paralympics Torch Handover, held at the Hackney Town Hall.  The atmosphere there was electric!  And the live feed from Beijing awesome!
 To be presented with a Special Achievement Award at the Notts Badminton Presentation Evening.
 Invited to the Yonex All England 2011, at the Birmingham NIA, to demonstrate Wheelchair Badminton with fellow competitors (see www.sport-on-wheels.com –not to be missed!).
If you know of any Businesses or Clubs who would be willing to support me either short term or a tank of fuel, please contact me, 01623 627191 ext 8096 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .    Any assistance would be gratefully accepted, and in return I'm willing to support and promote those who help me.  Thank you.
Unfortunately, Parabadminton was not one of the 2 sporting events the IPC chose to become a Paralympics event, for the 2016 Rio Games.  All the Parabadminton players were very disappointed. But now we are striving for more Parabadminton players to compete in more than just the 4 Nations. If we achieve this then Parabadminton will have a greater chance over other applicants to become a Paralympics event.  For this to be achievable more members of the England/Scotland/Wales/Ireland Team needs to be funded and sponsored.
Thank you to all that have contributed in some way towards my success.
I am extremely grateful to all those listed below for their help and support.
Family, friends, work colleagues, West Nottinghamshire College, The Armchair Club, Notts Blazers Wheelchair Badminton Club and of course my dear son Liam.
 Martin Rooke - England (WH2)martin rooke medals

Classification: WH2

I've been playing Para-Badminton since November 2010. A friend who I play competive basketball with, asked me along to one of his sessions. I instantly enjoyed playing and wanted to play more and more. I play in the wheelchair 2 class.The first competition I entered was in Feb 2011 in Scotland for the Scottish Leg of the 4 Nations, I managed to win Gold. In May 2011 I won the English Leg of the 4 Nations. September 2011, I went to the Welsh leg where I came away with a silver.The then UK No1,Gobi Ranganathan beat me in the final 2 sets to 1.After that game I realised I wanted to get better and play much more. I decided to buy myself a badminton sports chair as I was playing in a basketball chair. 

Since playing in a badminton chair I've gone from strength to strength.


4 Golds & 1 silver medals at the 2012/2014 European championships

12,  4 nations titles in mens single 

11, 4 nations titles in mens doubles

5, 4 nation titles in mixed doubles

I'm Currently world No 4 in mens singles and mens doubles

World No 1 in Mixed Doubles


 As a disabled person, badminton helps me to cope with my disability. It takes my mind off my day to day problems and helps me focus positively on sport. I think anyone who has a disability should try and get involved in sport and especially badminton. I've been playing 2 years now. In those 2 years I have meet some fantastic people who I look forward to see when we all meet up for competitions. I have friends in this country and friends around the world I have met through badminton.

I have achieved a lot in a short space of time. The reason for this is I train hard. I like to train hard and believe success will not come unless to train hard and your willing to make sacrafices.

Fail to  prepare, then prepare to fail.


  Jack Shephard - England
Classification: Dwarf

His first national competition was in Liverpool in mid 2009 at the English Leg of the 4 Nations Parabadminton Series. He was 11 years old and was playing in amongst players twice his age. He beat all but one player in his group to get into the semi finals in his first national event.
It was at this point that we realised he had potential to be a great player and in time maybe do well at a high level.
The world Dwarf Games took place that year in Belfast. The best dwarf athletes from all over the world took part and we decided to take Jack and enter the badminton event. There was a junior Under17's age group and Jack was entered in this event. He came second in his group in the singles narrowly missing winning the group. He had paired up with another dwarf player he knew well in the doubles. They had played with each other on only one occassion before but they really gelled as a team and went on to beat every pairing in the junior event including the very strong German Juniors in the final. Making Jack and his partner World Dwarf U17's Doubles Champions.
On returning to the UK we found the Sheffield Performance Centre and enrolled him in the coaching schemes. From then he has gone from strength to strength. He competes at every 4 Nations Parabadminton event throughout the season playing in Wales, Scotland, Ireland and England. He plays in the open age group event though he is only 13 and has regularly given the World and European Champions a run for their money.
With his regular doubles partner he recently came runner up at the Scottish 4 Nations only beaten by the European Open Champions, given that Jack is 13 and his new partner is 15 that is some achievement.
He has featured on the BadmintonEngland website on a few occassions and is on track to feature in the next World Dwarf Games in Michigan in the USA.
Sheffield Performance Centre coach Richard Mills has played a big part in his development over the last year, coaching him to many victories and turning his raw talent into real talent.
One to watch for the future Jack hopes to feature at WBF, European and World Championships in the future.
Jack is a dwarf and has a condition known as achondroplasia. He started to play badminton around 2 and a half years ago, initially coached by his teachers at school and his father, it soon became apparent he had a talent for the sport.



 Will Smith - England (SL3)

Classification: SL3

Playing: 5 Years

How I started:

After I lost my leg to bone cancer at the age of 10 I found I couldn't get involved in many sports. I played Badminton in a PE lesson and found I could hold my own and have a good game with my mates. I started playing seriously when I was around 15 when I joined the North East Junior County squad. I trained around twice a week and found my game soon improved.

Disability Badminton

I got involved with Disability Badminton at around 16 when I went to a workshop down in Wales for disabled people interested in Badminton. It was a great introduction to the sport and that year I went to my first tournament in Spain and picked up a bronze medal. I have seen a lot of progress in disability badminton in the 5 years I have been involved. The 4 nations events are a great way for new players in the UK to come along and give Badminton a go on a competitive level.


I am hoping that come this November Badminton will be confirmed as a Paralympic sport for 2016. As well as the Paraylmpics I am looking forward to the German Open in June 2011.


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