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Para - Badminton will be making its Paralympic debut in Tokyo, Japan 2020

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Eligibility & Rules/Regulations

Want to know more about tournaments?  Want to know if you are eligible or which category/class you are in?

For classifications, rules and eligibility, visit BWF Para-Badminton classification page to learn more.


BadmintonEngland - Disability Classifications page


Quick look at Para-Badminton categories:


Wheelchair categories - WH1(half-court singles) and WH2

Standing categories - SL3(half-court singles), SL4 and SU5

Short Stature category - SS6



Want to know more about Rules, Regulations, court coverage?  Find out the rules regarding Wheelchair, Standing and Dwarf categories.

Rules, Regulations and Laws regarding different categories can vary - click here to see the BWF Badminton: Laws & Regulations; including court coverage, limitations, equipment.

Did you know? One main difference - Standing Class SL3 Singles and Wheelchair Singles play half court.

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Physical Disability Classifications

BadmintonEngland and the BWF recognises disabilities to decide where players are suited into each category/class according to player's disabilities/abilities

Examples are below:

Spinal injury causing impairment to upper limbs/trunk


Multiple Sclerosis



Owen Kilburn

Paula Robinson

David Follett

Connor Dua-Harper


Spinal Injury causing lower impairment to upper limbs/trunk

Spina Bifida

Above knee amputation necessitating use of a wheelchair


Martin Rooke

Gobi Ranganathan

Single Above Knee amputation

Double Below Knee amputation

Cerebral Palsy


Daniel Bethell

Meva Singh Dhesi

Will Smith


Single Below Knee amputation

Cerebral Palsy

Hip dysplasia

Leg length difference (of minimum 7cm)


Bobby Griffin

Antony Forster

Bruno Forbes

Daniel Lee

Stefan Chung


Upper limb amputation

Upper limb impairment – e.g brachial plexus injury



James Binnie

Short Stature
Short Stature/dwarf condition – e.g. achondraplasia



Andrew Martin

Rachel Choong

Ollie Clarke

Krysten Coombs

Jack Shephard

Rebecca Bedford

Isaac Daalglish


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